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What are words made of?

- Magic.
- I get mine from Ros, or the back of a metal cupboard in Clapham's memories.
- Stardust.

- Ideas, hopes, and a desire for precision
- Letters.
- Intention to reach another(s).

- History.
- Vectors.
- Synaesthetic sutures.
- Necessity & overplus; expergefactor and prolixity.

- The cells of whatever interdimensional creatures sleuth their way between the Otherworld and this one. Also, music and dreams.

- Everything.

- Thought bubbles.
- Slivyss.

- The heartbeats of ideas crossing membranes smuggling more...

- Little microcosms of the mind.

- Vowels from heaven and consonants from earth. Words are the perfect mix of spirit and matter.


- Several.
- I'm actually genuinely allergic to a north african nut called Chufa which they make horchata with in Spain, but not Mexican horchata, which is more tasty anyway.

- I am allergic to the grammar of my mother tongue: German! But still love it!

- As an editor, I have some hang ups, but mostly in written communication and none that will prevent someone from trying to get their ideas across.
- Lots.
- The sound of teeter-totter and a few other words, e.g., kshatriya, kublakan, and khalkhawl, etc.,  are barely tolerable.

- Recovering grammar nazi.
- Like, not really.
- Unfeeling calculation.

- Fewer than I used to. Not less.
In the right company, I have no allergies or intolerances.
Except for when it comes to poetry [which is all uttered sound] and then I'm partial to clarity, good storytelling, duende, musical mellifluousness, attention to silence. And teeth.

- People who say things were done good instead of done well.

- The confusion of "your" and "you're."

- Getting the plural and singular of phenomena/phenomenon mixed up

Do you have any lexical or grammatical allergies or


What word/words do you feel like you overuse? Or all too rarely get a chance to deploy?

- Horror.
- Resonate.
- You and I are overused. ERODINIUM is all too rare.
- And, therefore.
- I only overuse corporadelic to the extent that corporations overuse psychedelics while optimizing for profit.
- Overuse: Awesome.

- Probably psychedelics!

- Rarely Use: Quash.
- The words on the back of a metal cupboard in Clapham's memories.
- I apparently say Okiedokie a lot and it makes me feel like Ned Flanders.

- Currently loving the word "Seelsorge" - which is the German word for counselling and it literally means caring for the soul.

- In French "du coup", something like "then".

- Synthesis is probably my favorite and most overused word.

- Overuse ‘galvanize’. Overuse and maybe sometimes underuse ‘babez’.

- I.


- Muso
- Qi (Traditional Chinese)

- Duende (Spanish) 

- Naz (Persian)

- Ghahr (Persian).
- Dialectic

- A huevo guey. That one's really stuck, no mames

- Unvordenklich
- Mimetic
- Erlebnisreise
- Dividual
- Lagom (it's beyond ""just right"") (Swedish)
- Alles klar ("all clear", yes, but somehow clear than English translation) (German)
- Folie à deux
- Jouissance de savoir 

- I like "nidone" in Japanese, which describes the morning nap after breakfast.
- Mashallah
- Apapachar - mexican word for giving cuddles or embrace and again it contains the word soul... something is happening here... anyway it means to embrace with the soul.

- The te quiero/te amo distinction.
- Maña - Spanish, kinda like “the knack” but more hand-motion-related
- ‘Me suena’ - also Spanish, kinda like ‘rings a bell’ or ‘I recognise’, but much snappier and more svelt.
- Creerse la última Coca Cola en el desierto/ultima cerveza en el estadio: (S)he thinks (s)he’s the last Coca Cola in the desert/last beer in the stadium.

- Dreckly (Cornish) - chimes paws with mañana.
- No mames. 
- Siiiiiii.
- Witzelsucht (Deutsch) pathological punnery.

- Hiraeth and Weltschmerz.

- Eros.

Are there any words/concepts from other languages you can't do without?


What % of the time does your consciousness vacate when a new person tells you their name or gives you directions?

- 50%

- 100%
- At least 50-55%
- 65%
- 99%

- I don’t understand the question

- 50%

- I'm better with directions than names.
- Actually alright at both of those. Probably around 12%. Maybe.
- 10% for names, 90% for directions.

- 100. Please write it down or invent a story about it so that I can remember.

- Somewhere around 100%.

- Depends on substances involved.

- I think it vacates in anticipation of new encounters?

- 50/50.

- Say again?

- Keen on names, I completely disassociate when anyone tries to give me directions.


- Oxygen.
- Passionate.
- Surprisingly infrequent and frequently surprising.
- I get bored easily.
- Sympathetic.

- We are distant cousins.
- Poetry is my ears, my fingers and eyes.
- Quantum, Chemical, Spiritual, and Eternal?
- I once sent some of mine into the poetry foundation with no success. 

- Stymingo abroad anyone?"
- In the closet poet.

- Love poetry...but poets can be a little suss.

- Either rage fueled or painfully shy.

- EE Cummings-esque.

- Adolescent, inky fingered
- Closet-snivelled; outwards swivelling
- Now rejigging!

- Loving.

- We're good. My older brother.

How would you describe your relationship with poetry?


Have you ever experienced any surprising disruptions to your language processing? (Eg. phases of mutism, compulsive rhyming, echolalia...)

- Once on 3g of mushrooms I completely lost my desire to speak as mouth noises seemed an entirely inadequate and downright disrespectful way of attempting to convey what was already doing a fine job expressing itself simply by being.

- Cyclohexamines especially.
- Yes to all. I miss it all. Mutism is the easiest to stimulate, hardest to simulate badly.
- I don’t process language - but some has and more will and can become part of the texture of me.

- I stuttered a bit in my late teens for a few years before managing my social anxiety.
- I have always had this odd thing where I flip words in a collated term. E.g. "Par Carp" (instead of "car park"). It probably has a name. My son also has it.
- I was selectively mute throughout my childhood.

- None of the interesting ones, though I thought I was loosing my German when I was learning Spanish. It was a drunken and tearful night.
- Yes, often.
- I'm gonna write echolalia on the back of the next metal cupboard I find.

- I have had brief episodes of mutism in my younger days. I used to induce a kind of madness by reading rhyming dictionaries out loud.

- I experience shutdowns, so I am very familiar with mutism. I also have a stammer, which is usually easily masked but becomes prominent when stressed or tired.

- Freestyle rap.

- Sometimes the goblins took my words and carried them off and I scrabbled at the splintery bald base of the drawer and promised myself I’d learn vocabularies for what I couldn’t say (but dinnae have the language for that yet). 
Cannot not say a terrible pun (extra neologism: shit pun = shun; “pun you oughter shun”)

- I stammer on plosives, now only sometimes in English, almost always in Spanish.


- Ayn Rand.
- Many. Lots overindulges in self expression rather than wishing  to communicate thought idea and analysis across peoples and times.

- Nietzsche, Heidegger, many contemporary French philosophers after a 1, 3 or 23 pages... analytic philosophy after 5- 10. Anything after 50 pages.
- Derrida.

- Wittgenstein.
- I recently read a pretty nice book about octopuses called The Soul of the Octopus. But it really annoyed me how enthusiastic about life and everything she was, she described going past every tank in the aquarium like 12 times, I don't care man just tell me more octopus facts. She didn't even include the fact that octopuses share less DNA with any other being on the planet which makes them the most likely contender for being aliens. That's a great fact that she didn't include, which I haven't fact-checked 'cos who does that these days. Sy Montgomery. That's her name.
- Plenty.

- I prefer to read what other people have to say about Spivak, than to read her directly.

- I find William MacAskill fairly reprehensible, though technically readable.

- Ayn Rand.

- Ayn Rand. 

Are there any authors or philosophers you find utterly unreadable?


What's the first image/sensation conjured when you read the words "psychedelic renaissance"?

- I was recently targeted by an instagram ad for Peruvian ayahuasca retreat featuring a white guy in a ball cap and a sarong holding a baby sloth.

- Too many images, excitement and embarrassment at the same time.
- Big hats and fine fabrics.

- Icky: coiner of the term being a sexual abuser and all...
- Sweaty CEOs pitching their start-ups in tailored suits.
- House of Medici getting high.

- Overblown claim for importance, Ben.

- I think of the Italian Renaissance and its quintessential art
- David Nutt glaring at a room of students. With my mate Matt desperately trying to get into the room before the lecture finishes so he can say that he was there.

- A bald middle-aged white guy.

- A glossy ketamine clinic advert.

- “Everybody Knows” — Leonard Cohen.

- A fake image of Jim Carrey as Terence McKenna for a mock poster of "True Hallucinations" the movie.

- Late to the party.


- A psychedelic literary experiment, wherein the set and setting was tooled with the finest rareties of poetic dazzling jewels. The output would be an anthology, where the suggestive inputs would be acknowledged and intentional, and calibrated towards developing a shared language and community — which is quite unlike what the scientists currently do.

- Creating a safe space where all humans can enjoy being challenged while also being held as their best possible.
- More alchemy. psychedelia, percussion and chemistry experimentation. And writing.
- Oh damn. Damn. Can I save that one for the campfire? I feel like that one deserves fire and excitement. I mean, definitely a giant cooperative, to start. And a feature film I wanna make. Maybe. More is more.

- Life and nature.
- Sounds terrible maybe, but the first project would be myself. Allowing myself more time for rest, thought, feeling...getting more trainings to then invest myself into therapeutic work outside of the standard model.

- Developing an institute for psychedelic humanities.

- Temple architecture.

- Creating a "Netflix" of audiobook content of public domain esoterica and apocryphal texts, collaborating on film projects with A24.

- Bankrupting the military-industrial complex
Arming the resistance
Honing the spear to defeat the Devourer, or fashioning the horn with which to wake that force that can defeat them.
So, largely what I'm up to.
Perhaps money is no object.

- I am currently trying to start a new school, an alternative living arrangement (commune), launch a performing arts festival and make a feature film. So, as you can see, were money no object I'd be up to plenty.

If money were no object, what project or projects would you be working on?

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