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The Forgotten Fundamentals
of Language

LIVE online course
Hatch your meaning-making

You will build knowledge and skills in psychedelic preparation, navigation, facilitation, interpretation, integration, and communication.

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The first course ever to comprehensively address the relationship between
language & psychedelics


When it comes to psychedelic preparation and integration, understanding the subtle relationships between language and perception is indispensable. Language governs what we pay attention to, and what it’s possible to ignore. It frames our memories, our expectations, our identities, our relationships, our cultures, our beliefs. In short, language both liberates and constrains. Yet, language has been largely neglected in psychedelic discourse, which is dominated by the idea that extraordinary experiences are somehow ‘beyond words’. Without flexible linguistic framing, the coherence and value of psychedelic experiences is unnecessarily compromised. The Semantrix Sessions provide knowledge and skills in psychedelic preparation, navigation, facilitation, interpretation, integration, and communication.

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Maximise your receptivity,
harness your projections


Is it for me?

Our course is designed for psychedelically inclined:

- Researchers/students (any discipline) - Counsellors/health professionals - Facilitators/practitioners - Writers/journalists And anyone new to the psychedelic world, especially those with a particular interest in any of the following: language; translation; creativity; philosophy; education; media; multidisciplinarity; mental health... To explore sessions from our pilot project, visit the Semantrix Showroom.

Still not sure if it's for you? Take a look at our showroom
for recordings of some of our previous events.

Module Preview

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On this course:

8 modules, delivered in LIVE weekly sessions

Lifetime access to presentation recordings if you miss a session

Resources including: bibliographic sources & lively (recommended) reading 

A community pioneering new ways of talking about extraordinary experience

12+ hours of contact time

Small interactive group participation

Lifetime access to past & future exclusive Semantrix content

Money back guarantee (within the first two weeks) if Semantrix doesn't suit you

Register your interest today

- Cohorts start every 1-2 months all year round
- Session times depend on the availability of the group (no one gets left behind!)
- Email us for price ranges (we do our best to accommodate everyone!)

Format and schedule

The first session will be on Thursday 23rd March at 19:30 GMT.

Each subsequent session will feature a presentation followed by a group discussion, running to approximately 1hr 30 minutes.

With (optional) recommended reading received ahead of the session.

Followed up by presentation and session discussion resources. 


Golfing? Flogging? Let us know. (Beyond the first session, our weekly meeting date and time will be settled according to the needs of the collective. Don't worry - no one gets left behind!)

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Tell us about yourself

Which of these topics appeal to you?

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Preferred day(s) for a live session
What time(s) would work best for you?

Thanks for registering your interest! We'll be in touch soon!

  • What's the format?
    We hold weekly live seminars (arranged according to the availability of the group). These last approximately 1hr30 (30-40 minutes of teaching & 50-60 minutes of discussion).
  • What if I miss a session?
    The presentation part of each session will be recorded and shared with the group. We don't record group discussions simply because we want everybody to feel comfortable contributing (and we understand red light syndrome!)
  • How big will the group be?
    For the sake of lively discussions and a sense of community, we make sure the group has no more than 8 humans.
  • When does it start?
    We run the course all year round, with a cohort every 1-2 months. After you fill in the Registration of Interest form, we will contact you with the upcoming start dates.
  • How do I pay?
    Once you've filled in the Registration of Interest form, we'll be in touch with the upcoming schedules and payment options. We run a trust-based sliding scale price scheme with options to pay in full or in instalments. (We want to make our courses as accessible as possible.)
  • I'm on the bread line, do you offer scholarships?
    We do! We offer 1-2 FULL scholarships per cohort...if you're interested in this, drop us an email at for our application form.
  • Is there any required reading?
    That's entirely up to you. Each week we'll send out some (carefully chosen/crafted) recommended reading or viewing materials relating to that week's topic.
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